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Emergency Shower&Eye Wash for Lab Use


  • Material: Shower ball valve, eye wash valve are the 304 stainless steel , eye wash bowl, eye wash sprayer heads and shower head are ABS material, the tube is galvanized steel material, inside of the pipe has done the anticorrosive processing, pipe diameter is 42 mm.
  • Coating: the especial coating can resist chemicals
  • Sprayer head: the ABS diameter of spray head is 250mm,supply the MAX.outlet water flux 80L/min, (the pressure is 0.6MPa),The ABS diameter of the eye wash bowl is 250mm. Built-in bubbly equipment,softened water spray for eye protection,the outside have the duct cap,removed automatically when eye wash is operated
  • Valve: the valve of the shower is G3/4 ball valve. The valve of the eye wash is G1/2 ball valve Rate of flow: along with the pipeline pressure the water flux is changed, within the stated water pressure,the max,outlet flux of eye wash is 11.5L/min.
  • Water pressure: the applicable water pressure is 0.2MPa-0.6MPa
  • Source: normal temperature purity water or according with sanitation standard water

Emergency Shower&Eye Wash for Lab UseEmergency Shower&Eye Wash for Lab Use


After washing the eyes, the pipe of water can empty automatically to achieve preventing frostbite. Also can add the stainless steel foot treadle to control the switch of washing the eyes.

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