Project for Laboratory Update, Canada

LPC is our old customer, we both coperated since 2014, this time LPC ordered some customized products in end of Nov, 2017, 

with benches height 950mm and the cabinet inside is equipped with shelf, the fume hoods' depth is 900mm, this project is for their own laboratory update.

Details for the project

Wall Bench:
2700*750*950mmx 1 set, 1800*750*950mm1x 2 sets, 900*750*950mm x 2 sets
5400*750*950mm x 1 set, 4590*750*950mmx 1 set with water sink&tap
Corner Bench: 1000*1000*950mm x 1 set
Island Bench:
 6750*1500*950mm x 2 sets (1 with reagent rack)
2700*1500*950mmx 2 sets (1 with reagent rack)
Fume Hood: 
floor type 1200*900*2350mm x1 set + standard type 1800*900*2350mm x 1 set

loaded in 1x40GP container